Zhiyun MOLUS X100 PL105 Pro Black

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Lightweight yet mighty enough, MOLUS X100 is ready to upend your knowledge of COB lights. Thanks to the innovate cooling technology, the compact body enables professional power output, giving you the simplest and most efficient experience ever.

  • A slim, vintage pocket light that strikes a perfect balance between fashion and utility.
  • Boasting an excellent combination of portability and pro performance, X100 frees you from traditional heavy equipment with only 385g in a palm size and a stable 100W max output, letting you embrace full creativity. 
  • X100 is supported by ZHIYUN self-developed discharge technology that enables a 100% power output when shooting on location. 
  • Allow you to adjust color temperature at fingertip. Give you accurate fidelity that rivals against traditional heavy COB lights.
    Illuminance: 3881 Lux (4300K at 100% brightness)
    Color Temperature: 2700K-6500K
    *The data is gathered at the distance of 1.0m.
  • X100 answers the calling of short videos and live streams with the clearer footage quality and the more efficient lighting setup than ever, combing with the ZY mount ecosystem to give your work a solid level-up. 

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