SmallRig Tripod Grip

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This SmallRig Tripod Grip is a holder, a mini tripod, and a handgrip designed to support the Nikon ML-L7 Bluetooth Remote Control

Using it as a grip when shooting handheld video, makes it easier to take high-angle shots and take selfies.

Load capacity: about 1500g*

*The total weight of camera body, lens, speedlight and accessories should be 1500g or less.

Please note that when used as a tripod, depending on the lens used and usage conditions, it may become unstable and topple over even if it is within the load capacity.

Compatible products:
Z fc, Z 50*, Z 30

*When use with Z 50, if you flip down the LCD monitor and take selfie, the tripod grip will interferes with the monitor, you will need a separate SmallRig Mount Plate for Z 50 .

*This product does not have the Nikon logo.
* This product does not include "Remote control ML-L7".

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