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About Nikon School

About Nikon School – Keep Discovering

At Nikon, we share the same passion for photography as you do. Nikon School helps you develop your interest in photography by making it simple and easy to understand and love. Capturing your moments will be a breeze as you enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own masterpieces with Nikon’s professional gears.

We Start with Basics

It all begins with a good foundation built on passion and knowledge. We will introduce and elaborate structurally the skills and knowledge based on Nikon’s SEAL concept, centred on four simple points of settings, exposure, aesthetics, and lighting. You will build a strong technical knowledge foundation in photography by joining us.

Explore the World with Nikon’s Professionals

Photography is an art of observation, it is also about exploring, reflecting, and experiences sharing. At Nikon School, our professional photographers and artists from different genres and disciplines will guide you to see the world from a different perspective. Our courses are diverse and unique, from introductory to professional, from theory to practical. You will comprehend the art of photography through learning and discussion with like-minded people via online or physical meetups. We are ready to explore this beautiful light journey with you!

The Photography Community

The magic of photography is your personal journey in freezing that perfect moment.

Embark on that journey with a professional and interesting community you will meet through Nikon School.

Whether you are an amateur or an experienced photographer, we welcome you to contribute your thoughts to the Nikon School’s community. This is a place for you to meet like-minded people, sharing the same passion in photography who love creating photos and memories. An interesting classroom for you to learn the techniques of using Nikon’s professionally crafted cameras and gears.

Be Inspired!

Be inspired by photography diaries and viewpoints from our Nikon community, or find an answer to a question you may have about Nikon School in our FAQ.

Feel free to drop us an email for any questions you may have!